How much

do these cost?

The cost of a LED video wall depends on its size, application and the pixel pitch of the LED panels. Below you can see indicative pricing of a medium-sized indoor LED video wall. It excludes installation fees and can vary largely from the final solution you require. It is, therefore, best to contact us for a 100% tailored quote that fits your requirements.


Total Cost:

From £29,533*

* All LED panels are the latest technology, combining flip chip COB with a patented pixel engine technology.

This includes:


A LED video wall sized W 3.04 m x H 1.03 m = 3.12 sq. m. with pixel pitch of 0.7 mm


Customise resolutions to configure LED walls with ultra-width or -height.

Installation brackets and Screen edge frame

A full set of wall-mounted installation brackets for the LED panels.

Spare modules and power supply

A spare set of parts to back up your LED video wall installation.


All failed parts and will be replaced or repaired free of charge.


Standard shipping takes 15-20 business days with DHL or your preferred provider.

How LED Video Walls Can Enhance Your Business?

LED technology can supercharge your marketing efforts, reduce operating costs and minimise your organisation’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, integrating LED video walls into your AV setup can boost team productivity and enhance communication with partners and clients.

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